The Untitled Project Part 14 :: Sad

Dear friend,

I thought I could make some photographs this week, since the weather was very good for a couple of days, all sunny and warm. I went to a local store and bought some props that I wanted to use -that was on Tuesday I think- and started working the concept and how I could stage my shot later on Wednesday. Thursday, however, was quite cloudy and on Friday it rained again ­čśŽ . Yesterday we had – maybe- half an hour of sunshine early in the afternoon, before it started raining again. Half an hour was just too little and it made me┬ávery sad, since I didn’t have the time to do much. That’s what I came up with.


On Being Sad | August 2016

I hope for better days, better light and better photographs…

Until then…

Have a nice day,

Dimitris Z.