The Three Fs In Street Photography

Dear friend,

I write today’s post to share some thoughts on street photography, which I have not been doing much of lately. Truth is I have not been doing any kind of photography lately. Partly because of the weather -it’s been too cold and too cloudy since Xmas and I use natural light for my ongoing project- and mostly because I am not in a very creative mood during the last couple of weeks… 😦

When things like these happen I turn to books and videos and the internet to find inspiration and fool myself that I do something photography related. I came across a video on Youtube talking about street photography and there where some points on street photography that I couldn’t agree more with, so I thought I should point them out myself. At some point in the video “The Three Fs In Street Photography” were mentioned. I believe it was stated that the person talking heard about that during a workshop with Matt Stuart.

The 3 Fs, actually,  represent the methods by which we work in the streets. Probably, you already know about that,  but I thought I should write about it anyway, so that I make them clear. So, to the 3 Fs we go….

Fishing – Fishing is when you find and interesting scene, set it the way it suits you in terms of composition, lighting, perspective and so on, and then wait for things to happen inside your frame. Henri Cartier-Bresson used to work that way most of the time.

Couples By The Sea

Couples By The Sea | Nafplio | Greece | 2015

Following – Following is when you do things the other way around. You find an interesting character and you follow them until they enter an interesting scene.


Untitled | Tripolis | Greece | 2016

Finding – Walking around with your camera set (exposure, focus, etc), your hand on the shutter and take pictures you hopefully find along the way.

Fixing The Damage

Fixing The Damage | Tripolis | Greece | 2015

In case you don’t know, Matt Stuart (b. 1974) is a British street photographer, member of the In-Public street photography collective and a nominee member (since 2016) of Magnum Photos.

P.S. I hope the weather will only get better and I will find some time to work on my project this week.

Until next time,

Dimitris Z.