Some Thoughts For 2017

Dear friend,

It’s been almost four months since I started blogging. My first post in this blog was posted on 23rd September 2016 and I have made 26 posts since. My blog doesn’t have that many followers -there are just ten of you right now- but I haven’t focused on the social aspect of my photography so far. You can tell that I don’t show my number of followers and I don’t show likes and I don’t allow comments and you are right.


Selfportrait | 2016

Let me tell you why I made this blog…

I made this blog to share my personal project in the first place, and to do so in a way that I could also tell the story behind it, which is sort of my personal story afterall. The fact that I could also write stuff to go along with my photographs was something new and something that I feel cannot happen in the social media platforms out there. This is what I needed and this is why I made this blog.

I didn’t care about growing my blog, having likes and comments and so on -I am thinking of changing the comments thing though and probably allow them at some point in the future. I liked the versatility of the blog and the fact that anyone could follow my work, even if they are not members of WordPress -we have emails and my personal favorite way to follow blogs is through my RSS feeder.


Woman With Umbrella – Tripolis, Greece, 2016

Let me tell you why I will continue with this blog…

Because it works for me. It’s true that I don’t have many followers, but writing in this blog is something I look forward to. The reason is really simple; it allows me to determine my vision, either by posting photographs or by writing, and it allows anyone to follow my work, either they use this platform or not. I love this kind of versatility and I cannot find it anywhere but in blogging.


About Love | 2016

Let me tell you what I will probably do in 2017…

I will continue running this blog. That’s for sure; I enjoy it and it suits me fine. I will operate my blog the way I currently do -no followers count and no likes. Lets go down to the comments now; I will probably allow comments at some point, as I think is the best way to make yourself and your work available to anyone who may be interested. The fact remains that I am not ready to do this yet. Last year has been very creative and I hope 2017 to be even more. I will work for it without allowing any distractions.

Finally, I am thinking of taking a break from social media this year. My thoughts are to stop posting on my social media profiles for 2017. This blog is going to be the only platform through which I am gonna show and share my work for the whole year.


Ghosts – Thessaloniki | Greece | 2015

So, this is what’s been going on in my mind. I hope I manage to stick to this plan and see what will happen. It’s really sunny today here in Greece after some time, so I ‘ll probably go have some coffee now and enjoy the weather. Thanx for visiting…

Until next time,