The Untitled Project Part 12 :: Agony (Or Why I Photograph)

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Today I would like to share some thoughts on photography. Lets talk about why we make photographs…

Allow me to share my point of view. Why I make photographs and how I photograph these days. Well, usually something happens, and that “something” triggers a reaction. That may be an emotional reaction, a logical reaction or any other kind of reaction -joy, sadness, pride, agreement or disagreement and so on. That my friend, is my starting point. That “something”, might happen either in reality or in my mind, and when it happens I have to grab my camera and photograph it. If it happens in the real world, I grab my camera and hit the streets. If it happens in my mind, I have to stage it and make a photograph.

I don’t photograph to document the world around me and I don’t photograph to see how the world looks through my photographs. I photograph to comment on the world. I make photos to capture that reaction, that was triggered in my mind. So, from a personal point of view, my photographs are comments. Personal comments to the things that happen in my life, and also comments to the things that happen in my mind. Sometimes the comments are positive. Other times they are negative.


Agony | June 2016

To put it in the words of Joel Meyerowitz: “They thing of photography as pictures, and it is. But, I think of photography as ideas. And, do the pictures sustain your ideas or they are just good pictures? I am not that interested in making more good pictures. I wanna have an experience in the world, that is a deepening experience, that makes me feel alive and awake and conscious”.

I couldn’t agree more with these words. I would like my photographs to work that way. I would like to have that kind of experience in the world…

After all, it’s not whether it’s good or bad. It’s what you want to say…

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