The Untitled Project Part 6 :: Constrain Yourself

Dear friend,

I don’t know what you are up to and it doesn’t really matter actually. But, whatever you are doing right now, or in the past couple of months, or in your life, the outcome of your effort depends on your ability to solve the problems that you will encounter almost everyday. For example, I like photography. To me photography is like a drug -I am addicted and I need my fix as often as possible. What I don’t have is a huge amount of money to support my addiction. I can’t spend loads of money on cameras, lenses, gear, strobes and so on. So, I try to solve the problems that I encounter almost everyday I want to shoot. Maybe, the lens that I use cannot produce the depth of field that I would like. Or maybe it’s not fast enough. My camera might not have a lot of megapixels, or it does have a good resolution, but then that comes together with poor ISO performance. I have a motto: “Work with what you ‘ve got, because maybe that’s all you ‘ll get”. You may never buy a better camera and a faster lens. You may never build that home studio that you dream of. But in the end, your style is going to be formed by the limitations you encountered and how you managed to solve them.

So, I have a suggestion for you; lets say that you don’t wait for those problems to come up (and they will come up, trust me). What you do is: you constrain yourself creatively, you set the limitations, the sources you will use in whatever it is that you are up to, and see how you can solve these problems and overcome them and define your way of doing things (that’s called style). Take these problems, these limitations, and make them part of your creative process. Lets see how these creative constraints work for you..

Until next time,



Constrain Yourself, April 2016